When you put borscht in the soup, actually. The huge mistake that many housewives make

When the borscht is put into the soup. Borscht is a sour soup common in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It is also part of the Romanian cuisine, being a traditional dish. The word borscht is often associated with a large selection of sour-tasting soups or broths. Borscht’s recipes have been at the center of many heated debates, such as: what is the right way to make them? Where does borscht actually come from? And should it be served hot or cold? These are all great questions, but unfortunately none of them have a definitive answer. Until you find the answers to all these questions, let’s find out when to put borscht in the soup.

When you put borscht in the soup, actually

It is true that different borscht recipes can be found in many parts of the country. But even with all these varied recipes, there are some things that are true of every borscht recipe. And then there are times when you can make your own decision, adapting and changing according to what you are cooking and your tastes.

Find out below all the different ways to make borscht and tips to help you make it, as well as when to put borscht in soup.

Types of soup in which borscht is placed

The best soups and stews have a sour taste. So borscht can also be used in soup with beef or pork, this choice seems to be the traditional choice. Another option is chicken soup, but it can also be used successfully in vegetable soup. The choice is yours, so feel free to use whatever you think tastes better. There are several ways to flavor borscht. These include the following:

  • The method of canning tomato
  • Pickle juice (cabbage, skirts, pickled cucumbers)
  • The borscht bran method
  • The vinegar method
  • Method of lemon juice, lime juice
  • Sour milk method (frothed milk, kefir or yogurt).
The moment when the borscht is put in the soup

Sour soup with borscht

Anyone who wants to know when to put borsch in the soup should know that, generally, no matter which method of souring the soup you choose, it is put in the soup at the very end, after all the ingredients have been boiled. The same goes for sour bran-based borscht. The amount of borscht that is added to the soup depends on the acidity of the borscht and the individual taste. After putting the sour borscht in the pot, let it boil, over low heat, for another 10-15 minutes, until it boils.

It is already known that sour borscht obtained from bran is rich in vitamins, in particular in the B complex. It plays an important role in stimulating digestion. Such a soup is also recommended for children over 6 months of age. Soups soured with borsch are called borsch. The regions of the country where people make sour borsch soup are:

  • Moldova
  • Muntenia
  • Dobrogea.

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