Vera Wang has an enviable body at the age of 73! What is the secret of a perfect abdomen and what is the diet that the stylist follows

Famous fashion designer Vera Wang has an enviable physique. At 73, she arouses public admiration and intrigue of her through photos of her that highlight her body.

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Famous fashion designer Vera Wang, best known for her fabulous wedding dresses, never ceases to amaze her audience.

At the impressive age of 73, she manages to make everyone’s eyes roll, thanks to her enviable body.

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What is the secret of a perfect body even in old age

Vera Wang has never been shy about talking about how she keeps her body young. According to Insider, she revealed on her Instagram page about her, at the request of a follower, what the secret of her body is: “Work, sleep, a cocktail of vodka and not too much sun”.

As for the sport, Vera Wang has been practicing figure skating since she was 8 years old and in 1968 she participated in the American Figure Skating Championships. However, she revealed that she is not a sports fanatic, but she still practices it, but in small quantities, much less than her admirers of her might think: “The people I work with are all very fit. So this also pushes me to train “.

“I’m not a very physically active person, but I enjoy golfing at Liberty National in New Jersey or at the Atlantic Golf Club in the Hamptons if I happen to be there. I’m a terrible player, but I like him a lot. ” Vera Wang told InStyle.

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Vera Wang has an enviable body at the age of 73! What is the secret of a perfect abdomen and what is the diet that the stylist follows

[Sursa foto: Instagram Vera Wang]

What diet does Vera Wang follow to keep fit

Vera Wang has often disclosed information about the foods she eats. She is very careful about the food she eats, but it is nothing out of the ordinary. The stylist prefers chicken soup with lots of vegetables for lunch and dinner, but sometimes she also opts for other things like sashimi with brown rice, or boiled cauliflower with chicken and oysters, or an artichoke salad with fish.

“I only have a warehouse for candy. Another for cornflakes and one for Cheetos and Goldfish Crackers, which I called my stash of “Orange Food”. I’m addicted to chips. “Vera Wang revealed according to The list.

“I only drink water. I stopped drinking soft drinks six years ago. It was the hardest thing to give up juice.”Vera Wang also communicated.

“The night begins only after I have taken a very long and hot bath. I light candles, turn on the news … I try to update myself on what happened that day. It is the only time I can really breathe. For me is a very important part of the day. “Vera Wang mentioned to

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