This Is How To Easily Grow LEMON Tree At Home In A Container! And Never Buy Lemon Again!

Do you want to grow lemons, but lack of space prevents you? If this is your problem, planting a lemon tree is a smart idea. Planted on patios, terraces, or even indoors, it will reward you with fragrant flowers and soft yellow citrus fruits. You can grow it on your balcony! Let’s see how to easily grow a lemon tree in a container!

The best lemon tree varieties for growing in containers
Growing lemon trees from seed is a bad idea because fruiting takes 4-5 years. Instead, ask your local nursery for dwarf varieties that will do well in containers.

The best varieties for containers are Improved Meyer, Lisbon Lemon and Dwarf Eureka. However, lemon trees don’t grow very large, which means they can grow almost anything in a container.

Buy healthy lemon plants that are at least 2-3 years old so you don’t have to wait for them to flower and bear fruit.

How to grow a lemon tree in a container
Choose a pot 25% larger than the plant’s roots. Unlike plastic, clay pots are ideal because they are porous and allow water to evaporate from the sides. This helps the lemon tree to grow well, because it does not like water and moisture.

The quality and type of soil in the pot is an important factor. To grow high-yielding plants, use a potting mix with lots of organic matter and aged manure.

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