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How to cook chicken correctly? The biggest mistake that many housewives make

Over time, things have changed in the way people cook. If before the emphasis was on boiling the chicken for as long as possible, now things are completely different because, more often than not, the meat is bought at the supermarket and does not need to be boiled for that long.

Instead, housewives are now focusing on quality ingredients to make the chicken dish as tasty as possible. However, there are a few tricks to make sure your soup or broth turns out the way you want it.

A whole chicken provides the balance of fat and flavor

There are people who prefer to use a few pieces of chicken to make a soup or stew, but it is recommended that you use a whole chicken as it provides a balance of fat and flavor. You have to remember that while it may seem like it takes longer to cook, a whole chicken doesn’t need to be cooked for very long. This way the soup will turn out much clearer.

Additionally, boiling a whole chicken also cooks the protein molecules in the animal’s bones. Because bird bones are light, they don’t need to be cooked for a long time.

Chicken should be cooked over low heat

Another thing to pay close attention to is how hard you boil the chicken. While it seems tempting to cook the meat over a higher heat to finish the food faster, chicken meat turns white and delicious when cooked over a low heat. Also, by simmering, the chicken becomes more tender and evenly cooked.

Salt, an important ingredient

When you boil the chicken, it creates a foam that is often difficult to remove. That is why it is good to put salt in the water in which to boil the chicken so that the foam does not spread and you can collect it faster.

It is also good to boil the meat separately so that the toxins from the foam do not remain on the plate.

The mistakes that most housewives make when cooking soups or soups

There are several mistakes housewives make when it comes to making soup, but in the following lines you can see what needs to be done to make the dish delicious and healthy.

Chicken-flavored cubes are often used in cooking to make dishes tastier, but they are best avoided because soup concentrate cubes are rich in substances that are harmful to the body. You can instead use the water in which you boiled the meat, after having drained it. To make it even more aromatic, you can boil this juice for longer.

Dumplings should not be boiled directly into the soup

Chicken soup with dumplings is extremely delicious, but some housewives avoid it for fear of their disintegration. To ensure that the soup does not suffer when you boil the gnocchi, it is best to cook them in another pot, one at a time, and then add them to the soup.

Homemade noodles, better than commercial ones

While it is much more practical to use commercial noodles, homemade ones are much better. To prepare them you need egg yolks, flour and salt. Next, knead a malleable shell and cut into thin strips that you will let dry for a few moments, then add them to the soup a few minutes before turning off the heat.

Bottled borsch is much better

Instant borsch in a bag should be avoided by those who love sour soups. They can replace it with a glass borscht made from bran, lemon juice or vinegar.

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