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Dr. Mihaela Bilic, known for her advice on nutrition and healthy living in general, thought she’d reveal a secret to us. She talked about food that she doesn’t make you fat, but no one would have thought it was the famous soup.

Speaking of the soup, the nutritionist said it is a complete and balanced dish that provides us with all the nutrients we need and, what’s more, it doesn’t make you fat. In addition, it helps to reduce the extra pounds. However, Mihaela Bilic warns that she is not referring to the soup that has two fingers of fat, nor to the one that has four tablespoons of cream.

The benefits of the soup include: it fills up nicely and keeps the stomach full for three hours.

“There is a food that, fortunately, is part of the Romanian culinary tradition, but has lost its place of honor at our table. It is a common soup that is cooked less and less, unfortunately, even in families where there are children.

Mihaela Bilic: “In Romania every housewife knows that nothing satisfies better and costs less than a pot of soup”

Nutritionists around the world have recognized that “since the soup, nothing more balanced in nutrition has been invented”.

In France the evening meal is not called dinner, but “soup” because there is the custom of eating only soup in the evening. The soup was served as the only dish even in the first restaurants, a product considered ideal for “restoring” the workforce.

In Romania, every housewife knows that nothing satisfies better and is cheaper than a pot of soup. And if you’ve served in the army or ate at the self-service, you also know how wonderful the soup is made in the cauldron 🙂

Mihaela Bilic: “It’s the simplest way to consume vegetables for children and the elderly”

From a nutritional point of view, the soup is a complete and balanced dish. We have vegetables, pasta / rice or potatoes inside, some meat or fish and a lot of water. The soup hydrates, warms and nourishes with few calories.

You noticed that I’m not talking about the soup with 2 fingers of fat on the surface, nor about the one in which we put 4 tablespoons of cream.

Whether it is vegetables or meat, whether you eat it hot or cold, whether it is sour or sweet, reconsider the soup / soup in your daily diet. It is the simplest form of vegetable consumption for children and the elderly, it is homemade by you and lasts a few days.

If the stomach emptying time is followed by ultrasound, a 30% delay is observed in the case of the soup compared to the situation where the food would be consumed separately.

Mihaela Bilic: “The soup removes hunger better than a piece of meat with vegetables and potatoes and a glass of water”

So the soup keeps hunger at bay better than if we ate a piece of meat with vegetables and potatoes and drank a glass of water.

This curiosity cannot be explained, but one thing is certain: mixed together, the ingredients of the soup stay longer in the stomach! We just have to take advantage of it, if we care about the figure.

I highly recommend a generous portion of steaming soup as a main course for your every meal. And putting a chili next to it, intensifies the burning and accelerates the metabolism by 25% for 3 hours after the meal 🙂 Enjoy your meal! “, Wrote Dr. Mihaela Bilic, on the Facebook page.

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