The best belly soup in Romania. The secrets for a divine flavor of the dish

The best Romanian belly soup has a special taste that will conquer anyone. The beef brisket soup has a rich and memorable flavor. This soup is especially good in the cold season or rainy autumn days when warmth and comfort are desired.

To prepare this special dish, you need 300 g of beef brisket, 80 g of onion and garlic to taste. You will also need 80 g of carrot, 60 g of parsley root and 100 g of preferably red pepper. For a particularly tasty soup you need 100 g of potatoes and 250 g of fresh tomato or tomato juice or 500 g of tomato paste. Some housewives also use butter and 30 grams of paprika. If you like the spicier soup, you can also add 2.5 grams of ground chili. And for an indescribable flavor, add 2.5 grams of thyme and 30 grams of white wine to the soup. For the meat broth you will need a liter of water and already salt and pepper to taste. Finally, you can add fresh parsley from the garden to the belly soup.

Vegetables must be washed well under running water

The best belly soup in Romania. The ingredients needed for a party of honor

To make the delicious Romanian soup, wash the breast, then place it on a wooden plate and cut it into large pieces. It is important to remove the skin from the onion and garlic, then cut the onion into small cubes and finely chop the garlic with a knife.

The vegetables should be washed well under running water, then cleaning the carrot roots and parsley root. Then they need to be cut into cubes. Cut the pepper in half, peel the seeds, cut the stem, then cut the pulp into cubes the size of carrots. These ingredients are also needed when making salad soup.

a bowl of belly soup on a towel
Some housewives also use butter and 30 grams of paprika

Afterwards, the potatoes should be washed well, the peel cleaned and cut into cubes. They can be larger than other vegetables. If using fresh tomatoes, rinse and cut them into cubes, while canned ones can simply be cut into several pieces. Then wash the parsley and spread it out on a clean, dry cloth to dry.

How to prepare beef for soup? The right time to add wine

Since the products are prepared, you can proceed to the actual cooking. Put a large, deep skillet over medium heat, put the butter in it and heat it. While the pan is heating up, place the sliced ​​meat in the pan and brown it on each side until golden brown. Transfer the browned meat to a separate dish. So, goat meat is also prepared when you want to make soup with it.

a bowl of belly soup on a towel
Since the products are prepared, you can proceed to the actual cooking

Since all the meat is fried, in the oil left over from the meat put the vegetables, that is, the chopped onion, carrots, parsley root and minced garlic. Stirring often, fry everything until golden brown. Add the dried thyme, ground chilli and paprika to the vegetables. Stir, cooking for a few minutes, then pour the wine over the contents of the pan. Cook everything together for 5-7 minutes, then transfer everything to a thick-bottomed saucepan.

Pour the meat broth and put the tomato paste, do not forget to put the fried meat in the pan. Mix everything well, lower the heat to low, cover the pan with a lid and cook everything together for 1 hour.

After this time, to get the best belly soup in Romania, add the peppers, tomatoes and potatoes to the pan, then close the lid again and boil the soup for half an hour, until the potatoes are soft. At the end taste the soup and add salt, ground black pepper, granulated sugar if necessary. Place the finished soup in portioned plates and serve it hot, sprinkled with chopped herbs for beauty and flavor.

a bowl of belly soup on a table next to a spoon and parsley
The beef brisket soup has a rich and memorable flavor

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