The 100 best soups and broths in the world. Where is Romania with the famous bean soup?

Primarily exotic countries, with dishes that we may not even have heard of. However, Romania is overtaken in third place by its Moldovan neighbors.

However, the famous bean soup of our country also takes pride of place, but it is not at the top.

The best soups and stews. What are their names and which countries do they come from?

At the top of the ranking of the best soups and soups is Gamjatang, a dish from South Korea. The main ingredients are pork spleen and potatoes, but it also contains bean paste, chili powder and garlic.

In second place is El Salvador chicken soup. The main ingredient is organic, country, backyard chicken.

It contains carrots, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, green chillies and guisquil, being a pear-shaped green vegetable, and the spices used are parsley, pepper, chilli, basil and other aromatic herbs typical of the area.

Zeama from the Republic of Moldova, in the lead

In third place is the juice of Moldova. According to, this is known as the best remedy for a night of drinking.

This contains homemade chicken and noodles. This also has carrots, onions, peppers, leeks, tomatoes, and potatoes, and is traditionally soured with borscht.

Where is Romania with the bean soup?

Our bean soup is only 21st on this list. We already know the recipe for bean soup, it is made with white beans and smoked meats, from bacon to ribs and pork bones. Unsurprisingly, there are traditional dishes on this list. In fact, Romania tops the best cuisines in the world.

However, it should be noted that there are other great recipes of Romanian dishes at the top, before the bean soup.

In 12th place there is the fish soup “as in the Delta”, and what makes this dish unique is its way of consuming it: first you eat the fish soup, and then the meat, together with the mujdei, as a second course. dish.

Another famous soup comes before the bean soup. This is the Rădăuța soup, in 18th position. Even if it didn’t go to the top, the Olten vegetable soup is also a real culinary delight.

See the full top here, in the top rated section.

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