Explore the amazing uses of salt in the home

We all know that salt can be used for many things around the house, and one of its oldest uses is cleaning. It doesn’t contain any chemicals, but has amazing sanitizing properties, making it a great alternative to store-bought cleaners. And the good thing is that it is very cheap.

Keep the ants at bay

If you have an ant problem, salt is the right solution for you. Sprinkle salt on windowsills or other surfaces they attack. Salt reduces the humidity level in the home and kills ants very successfully.

Use salt when polishing brass, silver, and copper

If you have a lot of brass, copper, or silver dishes or jewelry, you should know that salt helps keep them clean and shiny. Using salt to polish these items is the easiest and non-corrosive solution to this problem.

A paste of salt and vinegar can be mixed and rubbed into them to make them shine again after washing. This paste removes any stains or dirt.

Car and home window cleaning salt

If you want to clean your windows and remove stubborn stains, mix a few tablespoons of salt with a gallon of warm water. Use this mixture to scrub and clean stained windows. This will keep them fresh and clean for a long time. You can even use it on car windows.

Clean the drains

If you want to clean your drains, you really need salt. Mix hot water with salt and pour the mixture into the sink. The salt will melt the grease that clogs the drain and leave the sink smelling fresh.

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