Slimming soup. A nutritionist’s advice for dieters: “We don’t fry anything”


Zeama, be it soup or soup, is indispensable in the common menu of Romanians, without which lunch is incomplete.

To those who are on a diet and are thinking of giving up the “first course”, that issoup or soup, nutritionist Iren Alexoi tells them it’s not the best idea. The nutritionist states that the juice is important for the body and if produced according to certain rules it does not make you fat.

My advice is not to give up, just to learn how to prepare it a little differently, because the soups that respect some important rules for our health: they have a low caloric value, they hydrate us, they bring an important supply of minerals and vitamins to the body and prepare the stomach for the second dish in smaller quantities. A soup or a soup can help us lose weight, detoxify, feel better and full“says Dr. Alexoi. This I offerand some rules on what a slimming soup should look like.

Method of preparation: we do not fry anything, we do not fry. The vegetables are only boiled and this for no more than 15 minutes so that they are slightly “thick”. IDEAL and with a good effect for weight loss is the soup not thermally prepared (SEE THE RECIPE), at most you use water at 40 degrees.

Low glycemic index vegetables, green vegetables, green leaves should predominate: zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, green beans, stevia, lovage, parsley, etc. We use fewer root vegetables: carrot, celery, parsley, parsnip. Raw roots help us lose weight. Prepared in large quantities, they have the opposite effect, they make you fat. We avoid adding potatoes, peas or other legumes.

We do not use vegetable-type condiments, which are delicate because they contain salt, additives, sodium glutamate, substances that change our taste by inducing us to eat more, torment our liver and make us fat. For a good taste we prefer dry spice blends: thyme, basil, lovage, parsley, turmeric, chilli. Not only do they taste delicious, but they help our brains send satiety signals, detoxify and accelerate burning. These are a good remedy for losing weight.

We pay attention to the amount of salt, about a pinch per serving. It is important to use unprocessed and mineralizing Himalayan, marine or mining salt. Careful! Excess salt leads to water retention or cellulite.

We can flavor the soup / soup with lemons, borsch, cabbage or corn juice, which not only taste very good, but also help digestion and restore bacterial flora. Healthy digestion and strong bacterial flora help us lose weight in a healthy way.

At the end we add the oil: one teaspoon per serving. If the oil is not thermally prepared and we use the cold-pressed version, we benefit from the therapeutic properties and not from the toxic agents that appear after frying. We can use olive, flax, hemp or pumpkin oil.

Nutritionist Iren Alexoi proposes and a slimming soup recipe:

  • 1 courgette, 1 half stalk of celery, 1 small clove of garlic, 1 small carrot, dill or mint, salt.
  • Optional: turmeric and pepper or dry yeast flakes, lemon. If you want some texture, you can add a teaspoon of psyllium bran, cold pressed oil (olive oil).
  • For decoration: some rough marks and rough germs.
  • Preparation: add cold or 40 degrees water for a lukewarm soup. We can add half a glass of water or more, depending on the desired consistency. We mix the whole composition in a blender.

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