Nutritionists claim that nothing more balanced in terms of nutrition was invented after the soup

The best food we have invented is called soup. From a nutritional point of view it is a complete dish. Included in weight loss cure. To top it off, it is also the cheapest meal option.

There is a dish that is part of the culinary tradition of Romanians, but has lost its place of honor at our table. It is the banal soup or soup which, unfortunately, is being cooked less and less, even in families with children.

Nutritionists around the world have recognized in unison that nothing more balanced in terms of nutrition has been invented since soup. In France the evening meal is also called souper, from the habit of eating a simple soup at dinner. The soup as a main course was also served in the first restaurants that appeared in Paris, being considered the ideal product to restore the workforce.

In Romania, every housewife knows that nothing satisfies you better than soup, it is hearty, cheap and practical – you can eat from a pot of soup for 3 days. And if you’ve served in the military or ate at the self-service, you know how wonderful the soup made in the cauldron is.

From a nutritional point of view, the soup is a complete and balanced dish. We have vegetables, rice noodles or potatoes inside, some meat or fish and a lot of water. The soup hydrates, warms and nourishes with few calories.

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Whether it’s with meat or just vegetables, whether you eat it hot or cold, whether it’s sour or sweet, reconsider soup and soup in your daily diet.

– It is the simplest way to consume vegetables for children and the elderly, and is the ideal preparation for weight loss.
-The amount of flour, meat or potatoes in a soup never exceeds 2-3 tablespoons, so it is a mini-course 2 diluted in a lot of water.
-The soup stays in the stomach 30% longer than a second dish, so it fills up faster and keeps hunger at bay for longer; this curiosity was found ultrasound and could not be explained, hence the name “soup paradox”.
-You cannot hide the fat in the soup, in the worst case it rises to the surface and can be removed with a spoon. Unlike salads, rice or pasta which contain sauces with a lot of oil and have a lot of calories, soup is dietary and can be easily defatted.

Being thermally prepared, soups and broths do not create problems for those suffering from gastric acidity, who cannot stand fresh vegetables. Tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, squash and zucchini, spinach, peas, mushrooms, beans, lentils or potatoes can all be blended and made into a hot, nutritious soup. And if you appreciate refined options, you can enrich it with a piece of goose liver, gorgonzola, parmesan, ham, croutons fried in butter and lots of aromatic herbs: basil, tarragon, rosemary, thyme or cumin.

Soups are also not inferior, they can be soured with borscht and cabbage juice or seasoned with a spoonful of cream – any option means an intake of probiotics with a beneficial effect on health. And now, in the cold season, don’t forget smoked meats and leustea. As for the chili, let it be in abundance, it warms us up and speeds up the metabolism.

Get into the habit of starting your meal with a soup, this way your stomach will be full of water and you can be more moderate and balanced with the dishes that follow. And for those who care about their figure, eat the soup as a single dish at every meal, it is the guaranteed recipe to lose weight in every season.

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