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In the past, a panel of judges unanimously decided to invest millions of dollars in a potential company.

After buying a whopping 25% stake in the sisters’ company, the Shark Tank team personally mentored the pair, helping them rebrand and repackage their iconic product.

Judges hailed their breakthrough as “the biggest step in weight loss history” and offered their hard-earned money to support the entrepreneurial couple.

“We were shocked. The most we were hoping for was advice…we weren’t sure we could find any investors,” explains Samantha.

The sisters broke down in tears after the amazing suggestions from each panelist.

“It didn’t feel surreal. All these successful, business-minded people wanted to be a part of what we were doing and wanted to invest their own money!” Anna explained.

The pair are the first contestants on the show to receive a standing ovation and investment from the entire cast. The sisters said they celebrated their success with champagne and cake at the end of the episode.

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