Have you ever wondered how amazing things a used tea bag can be? Don’t throw away the tea bags, as tea is a great beverage and has quite a few household uses, Pulptastic reports.

  1. Heal cancer wounds
    Canker sores are small, white, open sores in the mouth that are the result of allergies or nutritional deficiencies. Tea bags contain tannic acid, which has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, so treat wounds with tea bags.
  2. Replenishes bruising and stops bleeding
    The tannic acid (and caffeine) in tea bags can heal minor cuts, shrink open capillaries and wounds, reduce swelling and bruising, close paper cuts, and treat razor burns.
  3. Relax your eyes
    If someone has dark circles, I recommend using tea bags on their eyes. Dark circles appear when the rest of the skin is pale or there is increased blood circulation under the eyes. To reduce dark circles, I recommend lying on your back and applying the tea to your lower eyelids for a few minutes.

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