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We all know the importance of taking care of our health, but very few of us enjoy going to the doctor. Bright Side has found a simple way to do a home health check in 1 minute. We invite you to consult!

Respiratory system, metabolism, intestinal diseases, kidney diseases, .

First, use a regular spoon to scrape the entire surface of your tongue with saliva until it reaches your throat.
Then put the spoon in a transparent plastic bag, put the spoon in the bag and hold it in the light or sunlight for 60 seconds. The stronger the light, the better the result.
After a minute, he looked back at the spoon. If the spoon is clean, your body is healthy. If you notice odors or stains, you may have some of the following diseases.
If there is an odor:

Strange and strong smell: indicates stomach and lung disorders.
“Sweet” smell: can be a sign of a larger problem, such as high blood sugar or diabetes.
Ammonia smell: maybe your kidneys are not working properly.
If there are stains:

Yellow or white: perhaps the thyroid gland is problematic or unbalanced in the mouth.
Purple: indicates high cholesterol, poor circulation, bronchitis.
White: maybe you have a respiratory infection.
Orange: indicates problems with your kidneys, such as chronic kidney disease.
Also, if your smell is bad, you should pay more attention to dental health by flossing, brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth twice a day.

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