Female Behaviors That Men Just Love

You’ve finished your day’s work or come home from a successful date night and you’ve got one thing to do – ditch that tight black dress or pencil skirt and change into something more flattering. allowing you to breathe and be comfortable. So you begin the process of removing your tight clothes. In your mind, you look like a clumsy elephant and hope your partner is distracted and doesn’t witness your performance. Well, he seems to have distracted you! No, we’re not just talking about him wanting you to wear as little clothing as possible, but that’s true too. He just loves looking inside, seeing your crazy curves, and enjoying the way you feel comfortable around him.

We’ve all had those moments when your guy is focused on something else and not paying attention at all. Then suddenly his eyes meet yours and you realize you’ve ruined him. Now, this might not seem like a big deal to you – it’s nothing to be ashamed of because you’re completely free to check up on your partner – but you just shrug and smile. It’s a great deal for her though – she may seem cool and outgoing on the outside, but on the inside she’s probably smiling a little to let you know she’s seeing her fists clenched and telling herself. still got it.

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