Doctor: “Fruit and vegetable juices are not healthy. Cream soup, an attack on the pancreas”

A coffee without sugar, lots of water, a walk and a meal break. This is the treatment after overeating. The first time, the gallbladder, the one that deals directly with fats, receives help.

The food break allows the whole body to recover after excesses. After the break, long chewed vegetables are a solution. Through chewing, enzymes are instantly secreted into the saliva, which initiate the digestion of carbohydrates. This physiological detail tells us that carbohydrates are not excluded from any meal. And it also tells us that chewing is vital.

Chewing vegetables as such means that the pancreas is preparing, in the correct way, to use them in the form of energy. But especially in this period – vegetables as such and not vegetable or fruit juices. These must also be excluded from the child’s diet.

Dr. Iolanda Vivisenco, basic pediatrician: “Currently, vegetable or fruit juices are not part of the child’s diet, no doctor will recommend vegetable or fruit juices that in the past were used as diversification phases, but at the present time , I know clearly that fruit and vegetable juices are not healthy because they represent a large amount of sugar that passes quickly through the body with repercussions on the development of the pancreas, with the risk of diabetes at a young age “.

As for the vegetables, they are excellent, cut into chewy slices. However, the same vegetables, raw or cooked, have a high glycemic index when mashed. That is, a cream soup is only an attack on the pancreas and not a sanogenic food. A high glycemic index means that the pancreas releases insulin quickly.

Dr. Antonela Burlacu, primary endocrinologist: “Fast means bad, that is, insulin is discharged quickly, arrives quickly, quickly introduces glucose into the cell, which leads to increased insulin resistance and the growth of adipose tissue. This insulin that comes and goes, comes and goes, creates states of fatigue and you feel the need to eat sweets again. “

And so the vicious circle appears, namely insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes. And throughout your lunch break, don’t forget sugar-free coffee or other sweeteners.

Up to 3 cups of sugar-free coffee with no other sweeteners is a safe dose for this drink. Doctors say that after coffee, the metabolism becomes more active and mobilizes fat deposits. But only in the context where you have a coffee and then go for a walk. Fast pace!

After overly fatty meals, the gallbladder will be overwhelmed. The first symptom? Nausea. Bile or bile is a liquid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Once eaten, this liquid breaks down the fat. Coffee increases the activity of the gallbladder. That is, it will participate more intensively in the metabolism of fats.

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