A resident of Oradea has started a business because of his son’s health problems. Cook without meat, white flour or eggs

It all started with his son, when he was two years old.

“August 6, 2016, the day when my first child, at the age of 2, starts naturopathic treatment, after several months of drug therapy in which not only the situation has not improved, but has worsened”, Marius Indrieş testifies on the blog of his project, Dumbrawa.

Each doctor who called gave the child a different diagnosis, the father explains. “I do not question allopathic medicine, a valuable method for dealing with medical emergencies, acute conditions and any other conditions where the situation requires it. But I must say without a shadow of a doubt that natural medicine has immense value, for the power of God “, writes Indrieş.

He gladly interrupted the treatment and after long research he found the solution in natural remedies, through plants, poultices, baths of cold and hot water, charcoal, fruit and vegetable juices, tinctures. To all this was added a diet that eliminated white flour, sugar, meat, milk, eggs and other processed foods.

“I want to share from my experience (of my 1, 4 and 6 year old children and those I have helped over the past four and a half years) that one can be healthy through natural nutrition and that the prophylaxis naturist has many means to prevent disease. I have chosen to do it for those who are willing to listen. Time is so precious that I have no intention of convincing anyone. Man must allow himself to be educated and desire change, “confesses Marius Indrieş on his blog.

A year and a half ago the Dumbrawa project started, the first laboratory of raw and raw vegan sweets in Oradea. It was the moment when he decided, together with his wife, to follow the same path, without meat, milk, eggs, sugar. “I felt better in my body,” says the father. Dumbrawa started from a personal need, but they realized that this need is also of those around them. “In 11 months I have cycled almost 10,000 kilometers with my Raw Vegan desserts in my bag. Dumbrawa is for those who want to change their life, their family. I know very well how difficult it is for you to find alternatives to commercial sweets, full sugar and dyes, chocolate, bars, juices, bread. I went through exactly the same things. In the beginning it was tough for me too. “

They have invested almost 30,000 euros in the vegan raw food business. It opened a cake shop in March 2021, with an average of three customers a day, writes businessmagazin.ro. Neither Marius Endrieş nor his wife have worked in the camp before and are self-taught. The wife should take care of the cooking and he should take care of the desserts. In October and November they closed the shop to change spaces and receive approvals, and since December it has been operating as a small vegan bistro. Now they focus mainly on home deliveries, through profile platforms. From their menus there is no shortage of vegetable cream, sweet potato cream or lentil and carrot cream, rice with breaded cauliflower, or wholemeal spaghetti with curry sauce, tofu and sesame.

PHOTO: FB / dubrawa

It is an activity at the beginning of the road, for a certain niche of customers, an activity that is sustained from one month to the next and which tries to avoid waste and throw food in the garbage. The two want to create a healthy community around the business, while also providing a lot of advice through their posts for a healthy diet and life. “The story began with me and my family and continues with you. With your family. With your friends. With all those who adhere to a healthy life. And if a grove begins with one sprout, several of them grow over the years. They do not easily overcome unfavorable conditions or a polluted environment, but the saplings that cross the ground and are caressed by the sun and helped by their peers are the ones that in 10-20 years will form a healthy grove, a real community, a wonderful grove “, is the conviction of Marius Indrieş And as he likes to add to his posts, he always remembers that “taste is educated”.

Oradea, 8th place on the list of cities for vegetarians and vegans

Raw veganism is a sub-category of veganism, which implies the exclusion of foods of animal origin and, furthermore, implies the consumption of raw food in its raw state or cooked at temperatures below 40-48 degrees Celsius. The large amount of plant fiber helps improve digestion and reduces the risk of diabetes. Additionally, the raw vegan diet is effective for people struggling with extra pounds. Vegan diets are suitable for any age, as long as they are properly planned to provide you with the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Nutrition doctors do not encourage the transition to such diets for a long time, as there is, they say, the risk of imbalances in the body.

According to a study conducted by Bookingham and cited by forbes.ro, Cluj-Napoca is at the top of the ranking of Romanian cities most loved by vegetarians and vegans with a score of 81.86, followed by Sibiu in second place, with a score of 65.90 and Bucharest, with a score of 63.97. Oradea ranks 8th with 55.04. The 30 largest cities in the country were considered and a score was calculated based on: residents’ interest in veganism and vegetarianism, the volume of searches, by population, and the number of restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options. vegetarians, population related the city.

To carry out this study, data was extracted from insse.ro, Google Trends and Tripadvisor.

According to estimates by the Association of Vegetarians in Romania, about 2-3% of the Romanian population has stopped eating meat. For comparison, 38% of the population in India is vegetarian, 13% in Israel, 10% in Italy and 9% in Germany and Austria, according to the Repley Believes publication.

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