9 Things ΜΕΝ Don’t Find Attractive WOMEN

Are there certain habits or traits that men find really unattractive? We will find out in this article. We did some research and came up with a list of things that women do that men find offensive.

  1. Wearing too much makeup

Research has found that women tend to overestimate the amount of makeup that men find attractive, and as a result wear too much makeup.

You may wear too much makeup because you want to look attractive, but in reality, it may actually make you look attractive. Most guys hate wearing too much makeup. Sometimes, less really is more.

  1. Gossip too much

Always insulting people along with talking about their actions makes you less confident.

Men are attracted to women who are confident, but women who don’t put others down in order to lift themselves up. Try not to tell your friend about his dirty laundry; it makes you look uninterested.

  1. Not having a life of your own

Guys will want to take a breather from time to time. It may be unpleasant for a man. If you demand that he be by your side 24/7 and you have nothing to do when he’s gone.

You have to have your own life. Plan outings with friends, get fit, and learn to have fun on your own.

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