6 Parts Of Your Body You Should Never Touch With Your Hands !

Touching our face is something we do unconsciously, whether it’s to make facial expressions, remove blemishes, scars, itches, or just play around. You’re probably doing it right now. So what’s wrong with the common habit of fiddling with human body parts? Our fingers are constantly in contact with our hands, money, doorknobs and mobile phones, which are often covered in germs. Scratching or pricking can spread viruses and allergens around the skin. So never touch these parts of the body with your hands.

  1. Your butt
    Yes, wipe your butt, but never prick it. Your poop contains bacteria that can be harmful. Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning your butt. Breast pack and butt mask! Do we need cosmetics for private parts?
  2. Skin under nails
    Needless to say, there’s a lot of bad bacteria growing under your nails. Therefore, never pick dirt under the nails. Keep your nails short to reduce the chance of carrying bacteria. Picking tends to injure itself, and then any bacteria or fungus can cause serious complications, such as onycholysis, which detaches from the nail bed.
  3. Ear canal
    One place you should never stick your fingers in is your ears. A thin layer lines the ear canal that can be torn with a finger. If your ears are itchy, it’s better to contact an otolaryngologist rather than trying to DIY. Whether it’s wax build-up, skin eczema, or an infection, a professional can solve the problem. A suitable program for treatment, ear hygiene and skin hydration should be implemented. Doctors remove an ant from a Vietnamese man’s ear and it will make your stomach churn.

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