Itchy bumps and blisters are a common problem experienced by all eczema sufferers. One hidden culprit could be what you eat. Science is still connecting the dots between diet and atopic dermatitis, but one or more of these key foods can cause or worsen your flare-ups.

This common inflammatory skin condition affects adults, children, and infants. An itchy rash can appear anywhere, anytime. Dermatologists and doctors are not always sure what is causing it. However, your diet, environment, and stress can aggravate and cause symptoms.

Atopic and contact dermatitis are the most common forms of eczema. Regardless of your type, the foods you eat can worsen or exacerbate your symptoms. It’s best to learn your triggers, especially if they’re not on our list. Everyone is different, and some of us have hidden food allergies and intolerances that can cause flare-ups.

What is the cause of burning?
Food allergies and intolerances
Allergies – seasonal, environmental, pet allergies
Stress – mental, physical and immune system
Chemical substances
Breast milk
Unknown cause
The foods you eat can cause irritation and make your symptoms worse. They can also make the current episode worse. However, some people with atopic and contact dermatitis can eat these foods without any problems. It’s important to be aware of your body and keep a diary of what you eat and everything you touch after the fire. This will help rule out food and environmental causes.

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